Bill Billenstein '10

Bill Billenstein

BILL BILLENSTEIN ‘10 is senior director of culinary and nutrition strategy at Guckenheimer. He started his career in the kitchen at the age of 13 working on the weekends in a bakery and cafe in his home state of Connecticut. After several years of baking, he decided that he wanted to pursue "hot" food and began his journey toward becoming a chef. Since graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA, Bill has worked with many acclaimed chefs including Top Chef Masters winner Chris Cosentino and Jeremy Fox at the now defunct Michelin-starred, vegetable-focused restaurant Ubuntu in Napa, CA. Bill has cooked in and run several restaurants in California, Montana, Arizona, and South Carolina, and he is one of the founding members of the Virginia Tech Dining program, "The Right Track," which was one of the first programs nationally to bring vegan meals to students daily. Prior to taking his current role, Bill spent several years on the Guckenheimer at Google team helping to co-create the Google Food brand and provide delicious, plant-forward options and dining experiences. (San Francisco, CA) @BillBillenstein