Bill Dewey

Bill Dewey is director of public affairs at Taylor Shellfish Farms. During his 30+ years as a shellfish farmer in Washington State, Bill has taken an active role shaping local, state and federal public policy as it affects the shellfish culture industry. Recently, he has lead efforts to launch the National and Washington State Shellfish Initiatives. He has worked to develop and implement an environmental code of practice for the shellfish industry and third-party sustainability certification, and with the west coast shellfish community to identify and prioritize research needs and secure funding. In 2008 he received NOAA’s Environmental Hero award. In 2006 the National Shellfisheries Association, the premier organization of shellfish scientists selected Bill to receive the David Wallace award recognizing him for his “long and dedicated service in promoting research, understanding and cooperation among shellfish scientists, culturists, managers, producers and regulators.” In 2012 Washington’s Governor Gregoire appointed him to the State’s Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel. Aside from his full time job managing public affairs for Taylor Shellfish Company, Bill, and his wife Joyce have developed a number of innovative culture methods and a mechanical harvester for manila clams on their own shellfish farm in Samish Bay.