Line Gordon, PhD

Line Gordon

Line Gordon, PhD is the director and an associate professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. Her interdisciplinary work is in the field of sustainability science, in which she focuses on how people are reshaping the biosphere through food production practices, and how this affects human well-being, societal development, and socio-ecological resilience. More specifically, Line has studied the role of freshwater for food production, and how large land use change affects rainfall and water availability, often in faraway places. Most of her field research has taken place in dryland sub-Saharan Africa, but she also works on a global scale with modeling of hydrology-land-atmosphere interactions. She has recently started to do research on food-health-sustainability interactions, with a particular interest in how gastronomy, and especially interactions between chefs and producers, can be a driving force for improved stewardship of food-producing landscapes and seascapes. She holds a doctoral degree in systems ecology from Stockholm University and did her post-doctoral research at the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka. Line has published more than 45 scientific papers on agriculture, water resources, ecosystem services, and resilience. She is on the board of directors of the EAT Foundation. (Stockholm, Sweden) @LineGordon