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The Vegetable Casanovas

Fri, August 21, 2015

“Tall. Lean. Good listener.” No, this isn’t a profile page on It’s a poster promoting corn. Launched under the tagline, “Add more flavor to your day,” it’s part of a marketing campaign led by Yale Dining.

“For several years Yale Dining has been seducing diners with vegetables.” So says their director of culinary excellence, Ron DeSantis, CMC, in a recent newsletter. The statement is an introduction to a series of witty marketing materials DeSantis helped create and that we are pleased to share with the entire Menus of Change community.

Posters show portraits of individual vegetables beside bold, catchy descriptions in the vein of singles ads:

  • Onions are described as “Diverse. Spirited. Team player.”
  • For sweet potatoes, it's: "Fun. Sweet. Grounded."
  • Peas get the headline: "Petite. Playful. Well rounded."

Posters in a similar series each show an animal touting the benefits of preparing vegetables instead of that animal’s meat.For instance, a chicken beneath the heading “Tenders” says, “You Know What’s Tender? A Great Tasting Grilled Pepper Or Maybe Some Fresh Steamed Asparagus. Delicious! You Really Can’t Beat That.”

These attention-grabbing materials celebrating various vegetables’ most enticing traits demonstrate the spirit of Menus of Change, namely the principles of thinking produce first and serving less red meat, less often. Above all, though, DeSantis and his team are luring eaters to plant-forward eating habits with the best tool in any chef’s toolbox: taste.

Three of the posters are available on this website for download as JPG files. Others are below in PDF format. We hope that they will inspire ideas of your own, and look forward to hearing how each of you is leading with menu messaging around flavor. So, tell us your story at

Content and design of the "More This, Less That" campaign is by Yale Dining and Yale Director of Culinary Excellence Ron DeSantis, CMC. Yale has been a leading early adopter of Menus of Change Principles, and Ron is an advisor to the Menus of Change initiate and a member of the MCURC. Used with permission © Yale Dining and Ron DeSantis.


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