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Menus of Change Annual Report: Summer Reading Special

Wed, August 23, 2017

August. A time for farmers’ markets and food festivals. Eating outside and savoring those long, warm nights. It’s also a time for enjoying a book on the beach or in a hammock, squeezing in that reading you’ve wanted to enjoy before summer ends.

While it might not beat out your favorite novel, we’re guessing the 2017 Menus of Change Annual Report has been on your summer reading list, too. There is no better season to boost your knowledge of the foodservice industry by carving out some time to sit down with the insight-rich, visually stunning, action-catalyzing report.

Along with the essential issue briefs and annual dashboard rating the industry’s progress around 16 key indicators, the report has four particularly inspiring stories for you:

  • A look behind the scenes of the rapidly growing Modern Market chain, based in Colorado, and the keys to their success so far;
  • New frameworks for marketing healthy, sustainable food options to your diners, offered by the Hong Kong-based Green Monday initiative;
  • An investor spotlight on a recently launched organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area called Food System 6, which is at once an investment bank, think tank, and food startup accelerator;
  • And the remarkable story behind the groundbreaking partnership forged by Aramark and American Heart Association to make measurable change to eating habits nationwide before 2020.

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, or maybe a glass of wine, and find a comfortable reading chair. Turn your attention to the Case Studies on page 54. These organizations are making serious waves in the health and sustainability arena. Between the innovative strategies they reveal and the substantial challenges they’ve overcome, this particular batch of summer reading might just spark the next breakthrough idea for your business.


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