Are You Plant Forward Enough? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Wed, October 24, 2018

OK, we were kidding, there is no quiz… But if you join us May 1-3 in Napa, California, you would ace it. So, read on…!

Whether you call it veg-centric or flexitarian, whether you think of it as good for the planet or good for your gut microbiome, plant-forward is one of the most significant culinary mega-trends underway in America and in global foodservice. It is changing how we think about menus, flavor development, creativity, and profitability. It reflects our changing values, and is upending how diners think about value (i.e., pricing) on menus. And it is changing across the board, from the cafeterias of schools and hospitals to the latest fast-casual concepts and most innovative fine dining restaurants.

The scientific reasoning for shifting to plant-forward diets is clear, both for decreased risk of chronic disease and for the well-documented environmental advantages of moving away from meat at the center of the plate. Evidence has also shown time and again that chefs are thought leaders who can help diners make better choices and have a real impact on the improvement of our food system.

So, are you ready? Is your menu as plant forward as it can be? Are you maximizing design opportunities across your operation to create both deliciousness and value around plant-forward ideas? Are you thinking equally, and equally well, about your plant-based offerings and the related business models? Are you using the widest possible, most biodiverse range of vegetables, fruits, herbs, whole grains, and legumes on your menus?

If you can’t answer a categorical yes to all of these questions, we know just where you should go to take your plant-forward menu offerings to the next level. Join us at the Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit, a special-edition conference presented by The Culinary Institute of America that will take place May 1-3, 2019 at the spectacular CIA at Copia in Napa, CA. We’ll be blending the culinary inspiration, science, and strategy of our renowned Menus of Change and Worlds of Flavor initiatives into a food-focused program that will forever change the way you think about menu creation. Attending this summit will fuel your creativity—and your business strategies—for years to come.

The Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit will bring together chefs from Asia, Scandinavia, Africa, the Mediterranean, Latin America, and throughout the United States—along with leading culinary professionals like you. Limited to 300 attendees, you will learn from them in a variety of settings from demonstrations, tastings, and panels to, for the first time, hands-on cooking workshops in the new, 9,000 square-foot Hestan Kitchen at Copia. You’ll have the chance to cook with award-winning presenters, as well as your experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. The summit will utilize the whole campus, with its world-class facilities, including the Copia gardens, live fire kitchens, and olive tree-shaded terraces overlooking the Napa River.

For more information and to register, visit We look forward to seeing you in May!