Visual Resources

The following resources are available for downloading. We encourage you to print and share the materials with your peers, your foodservice community, and the public you serve to inform and educate them about healthy, sustainable menu options and your support of the Menus of Change initiative.

  1. The Protein Flip is the result of a year of consultation among top researchers and scientists, and a review by food and foodservice executives. It centers around the health and environmental urgency, as well as the culinary opportunities, associated with shifting red meat to a supporting role, elevating more plant proteins on menus, and blending animal and plant proteins. Presented as a 12-part PDF designed to be printed as 11 x 17 posters.
  2. The Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus are the foundation of the Menus of Change vision: They provide guidance for the foodservice industry based on the integration of findings from nutritional and environmental science perspectives on optimal food choices, trends in consumer preferences, and impacts of projected demographic shifts. Presented as a one-page PDF or JPG file and suitable for printing as 11 x 8.5 or larger for posters.
  3. The Menus of Change 2016 State of the Plate Dashboard provides a snapshot of the foodservice industry's progress, year over year, toward improving nutrition, sustainability, and profitability. The scores on critical issues are updated annually through a review of the latest science in each topic area by our Scientific and Technical Advisory Council. Presented as a one-page PDF or JPG file and suitable for printing as 11 x 8.5 inches or larger.
  4. The Protein Flip is also available as a three-panel display that may be reproduced as pop-up banners or posters. These three panels include the full Protein Flip document. Presented as PDF files and suitable for pop-up banners or posters, 47 x 80 inches; scalable.

If you are interested in reproducing any of these materials for distribution or display for educational purposes or other instances that will promote healthy, sustainable menus, please complete the download form. You will then receive an e-mail with links to the pdf and jpg files.

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