Ayr Muir, MBA

Ayr Muir

Ayr Muir, MBA is the founder and CEO of Clover Food Lab, a nationally recognized restaurant company operating 12 restaurants in the greater Boston area. Clover seeks to help meat lovers become vegetable lovers. For the average American eating a meal without meat is the most dramatic step that can be taken to address global warming. Starting with a food truck in 2008, and opening his first restaurant in 2011, Ayr has built a passionate base of customers, 90% of whom are not vegetarian. Clover sources an unprecedented amount of its menu from regional suppliers and helps improve the health of its customers with nutritionally conscious options. Before Clover, Ayr worked at McKinsey and Company advising the CEOs and CMOs of the world’s top consumer and retail companies; prior to that he worked with Patagonia on marketing. Ayr holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor of science and master of science from MIT. (Boston, MA) @cloverfoodlab