Brian Kaywork '02

Brian Kaywork

Brian Kaywork ’02 is lecturing instructor of American Bounty Restaurant at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Brian’s curriculum involves topics ranging from operations, cost control, and management techniques to American culinary heritage and current events. After many years working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Hudson Valley’s farmers and artisans, he now uses his classroom and kitchen to highlight the variety that the Valley has to offer and advocate for deeper food connections on all levels. This can come in many forms: utilizing invasive species on the menu, highlighting sustainable practices, purchasing produce from small-scale farms, supporting student advocacy efforts, maintaining a seasonal menu, discussing food systems, and discussing the roles that hospitality professionals have within sustainability efforts. Brian is an active member of the faculty community at the CIA, serving on the Academic Technology and Facilities Committee, Faculty Search Committee, and Sustainability Committee, where he works with fellow colleagues to strengthen the CIA’s sustainability practices. (Hyde Park, NY)