Chavanne Hanson, MPH, RD

Chavanne Hanson

Chavanne Hanson, MPH, RD joined Google in December 2018 as the food choice architecture and nutrition manager on the global food team. With cafes, teaching kitchens, and events that serve thousands of meals each day, the Google Food team works with a variety of partners and suppliers to deliver delicious, nutritious food and innovative experiences to fuel Google’s culture and future. Chavanne is actively involved with Google Food’s external partnerships, including Google’s Food Lab, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's FReSH program, and Menus of Change, for which she is the vice chair of the Business Leadership Council. These partnerships aim to inspire and enable the world to make food choices and use food experiences to develop more sustainable lifestyles and communities. Before joining Google, Chavanne was the assistant vice president and senior public affairs manager of Nutrition, Health & Wellness at Nestlé SA, located in Vevey, Switzerland. Prior to joining Nestlé, Chavanne helped develop and implement a preventive cardiology program for University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH. She also worked in television as the associate producer for the Gathering Place television series, and nutrition communications consultant to Graham Kerr, the “Galloping Gourmet." Chavanne has taught nutrition at the Loretta Paganini School of Cooking, and Schoolcraft College in Michigan. She has also been involved with various publications, co-authoring My Personal Path to Wellness Journal, and conducting recipe testing and development for the Health Guaranteed Cookbook. Chavanne received her BS in dietetics from Baylor University and her MPH in human nutrition from the University of Michigan. (Mountain View, CA) @google