David Jenkins, PhD

David Jenkins

David Jenkins, PhD is university professor, and Canada research chair, in the departments of nutritional sciences and medicine at the University of Toronto. He was educated at Oxford University, obtaining his DM, DPhil and DSc. He has served on committees in Canada and the U.S. that formulated nutritional guidelines for the treatment of diabetes and recommendations for fiber and macronutrient intake under the joint U.S.-Canada DRI system (RDAs) of the National Academy of Sciences. His team was the first to define and explore the concept of the glycemic index of foods and demonstrate the breadth of metabolic effects of viscous soluble fiber, including blood glucose and cholesterol lowering. His group developed the cholesterol lowering concept of the dietary portfolio that has entered guidelines in many jurisdictions (e.g. CCS, Heart UK etc.). He believes in the therapeutic value of plant-based diets and that diets have to be environmentally sustainable.(Toronto, Canada)