Eric Montell '89

Eric Montell

Eric Montell ’89 is the executive director for Stanford Dining, one of the nation’s premier university dining programs. During his 20-year tenure, Eric has presided over new university business ventures and has introduced dynamic initiatives and partnerships to help maintain Residential & Dining Enterprises’ commitment to excellence. He oversees the residential dining program feeding over 4,000 undergraduate and 7,000 graduate students. His program includes: residential education in the dining halls, an executive dining program for the Graduate School of Business (currently rated #1 in the world), High Performance Dining for student athletes, the Teaching Kitchen @ Stanford, and the Stanford Flavor Lab. He is a participant in the Google Food Lab, a member of the Menus of Change Business Leadership Council, co-director and founding member of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative, and a member of the World Resources Institute’s Better Buying Lab. Having lived and traveled extensively throughout the world, Eric has an appreciation for diversity and a passion for cuisines from many different cultures. (Palo Alto, CA)