Line Gordon, PhD

Line Gordon

Line Gordon, PhD is director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, a transdisciplinary research centre at Stockholm University, Sweden, that focuses on biosphere-based sustainability science. Her research focuses on food systems and water management as entry points to sustainable and resilient development at both local and global scales. She conducts research that combines work with small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, global models of land-use and rainfall interactions, and work with culinary innovators in the Nordic region in Europe. In her research she integrates insights from resilience thinking, land use change, food systems, hydrology, and social-ecological systems. Line is on the board of directors of the EAT Foundation, a science-based global platform for food system transformation. She has published more than 60 research articles, including articles in PNAS, Nature, and Trends in Ecology and the Environment. Line has a PhD in Natural Resources Management from Department of Systems Ecology at Stockholm University, and a post-doc from the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka. She is a popular speaker, especially around food system change, water resources management, and more general aspects of sustainable development. (Stockholm, Sweden)