Nanna Meyer, PhD, RD

Nanna Meyer

Nanna Meyer, PhD, RD is associate professor of human physiology and nutrition, and founder of the Grain School Projectat the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS). Nanna founded the UCCS Sport Nutrition Graduate Program and has worked in Olympic sport nutrition for 20 years, supporting U.S. athletes at five Olympic games, while helping to found professional sport nutrition organizations nationally and internationally. As the world’s urgency to address climate change and health is rising, Nanna’s time is now focused on sustainable food systems in the Rocky Mountain region. In 2014, Nanna was instrumental in helping UCCS transition its food system away from corporate to self-operation. With a team of graduate students, Nanna links farmers to engaged eaters, using the local food and farm literacy concepts of UCCS’s Sustainability, Wellness and Learning (SWELL) initiative through programs such as Food Next Door, UCCS’s own Farm-to-Cafeteria program, the mobile Flying Carrot Food Literacy project, and Grain School. (Colorado Springs, CO)