Thomas Harter, PhD

Thomas Harter

Thomas Harter, PhD is a cooperative extension specialist in the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis. Thomas has a B.S. in Hydrology from the Universities of Freiburg, Germany, and an M.S. in Hydrology from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He received his Ph.D. in Hydrology (with emphasis on subsurface hydrology) at the University of Arizona. In 1995, he joined the faculty at the UC, Davis. His research focuses on nonpoint-source pollution of groundwater, groundwater resources evaluation under uncertainty, groundwater modeling, and contaminant transport. Thomas’s research group has done extensive modeling, laboratory, and field work to evaluate the impacts of agriculture and human activity on groundwater flow and contaminant transport in complex aquifer and soil systems. In 2007, Thomas was appointedthe Robert M. Hagan Endowed Chair in Water Management and Policy. In 2008, Thomas’s research and extension program received the Kevin J. Neese Award in recognition of its efforts to engage scientists, regulators, farm advisors, dairy industry representatives, and dairy farmers to better understand the effects of dairy operations on water quality. (Davis, CA)