Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the 2020 Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series?

The Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series addresses food and climate change, the drive for sustainable food systems, the urgent need to reverse the still-growing global burden of food-linked chronic diseases, and the acceleration of innovation and successful business strategies in the foodservice sector to meet these challenges—as all of this continues to be vital work. Given the ongoing government public health guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic, yet recognizing the continued relevance of the Menus of Change agenda to the recovery and future resilience of our industry, we are introducing a virtual series in place of the in-person conference. The 6-week series takes place each Wednesday from 10AM – 12:30 PM PDT / 1 – 3:30PM EDT, starting on July 22nd and ending on August 26th.

The Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series is set apart from a standard webinar because we have a variety of virtual networking opportunities in the platform! Due to capacity restrictions for the live virtual series, we encourage you to register for the live summit if you are interested in participating in virtual networking with industry peers. In order to make these networking engagements available to a wide variety of audiences, we ask that each organization sends a limited number of representatives to each week’s live series.

We are pleased to be able to offer a webcast of the sessions on demand for those who prefer to stream the sessions at your convenience. If you would like to register for the webcast only, please sign up here to receive an email when those videos become available.

Who should register for the Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series?

If you are a foodservice professional or chef working for an independent or chain restaurant, a K-12, college or university dining program, a contract foodservice company, a hotel, cruise line, casino, or resort, a supermarket, or if you are a leader in research, nutrition, sustainability, and public health from government agencies and academia or from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations addressing food, health, and sustainability issues, you can register for the Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series. In collaboration with the summit sponsors, we are making this MOC Virtual Summit available tuition-free to foodservice operators on a space available basis.

For all other industry professionals, recordings of the virtual series will be posted to the website for on-demand viewing after each session.

If you work for a foodservice manufacturer or supplier, please contact Shara Orem ( shara.orem@culinary.edu) for information on how you and your company can support the Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series and participate in live networking sessions, as general registration is not open to manufacturer/supplier representatives. We have many opportunities for sponsorship, which we would love to discuss with your organization. In order to stage programs like this, we need the support of organizations that recognize the value of these activities for the advancement of our industry.

I was already registered for the 2020 Menus of Change Leadership Summit (in-person conference); am I automatically registered for the Virtual Series?

No; you will need to register separately for the Virtual Series through the registration page on our website here.

Is there a cost to register for the 2020 Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series?

The CIA and our generous summit sponsors are offering the virtual series to foodservice operators and educators tuition free. We will also be posting recorded sessions to our website which can be viewed on-demand after each session free of charge.

How do I register for the 2020 Menus of Change Leadership Summit: Virtual Series? Do I have to participate in all six weeks?

You can register for the virtual series by visiting the registration page of the website. During registration, you have the flexibility to select which weeks you are interested in attending. We are excited to bring this content to the food industry free of cost, though with limited space within the event platform and great demand, we ask that you only select the sessions during the weeks you are able to attend. Doing so will help us share this opportunity with as many professionals as possible in this time of need.

Once registered, how do I access the virtual sessions each week?

We’re designing the virtual summit to be an engaging, interactive series of live online events – different than your typical webinar. As such, we’ll be bringing all of this extremely relevant content to you on a new virtual platform, Hopin. We’ll share final details on the Monday prior to each summit detailing how to access the platform and setup your profile. Included will be a tutorial video on how to make the best use of your session and networking time! On Tuesday, be on the lookout for a customized invitation you will use to register and access the summit on Wednesday.

Can I forward the calendar appointment with the registration link to my colleagues?

No – The day before each virtual summit you will receive a ticket link from Hopin that is unique to your name and email. If you forward it to someone else to use, they will enter the virtual summit as you, and you will no longer be able to participate.You can transfer your registration to another person by contacting Katie Cincotta at katherine.cincotta@culinary.edu.We recommend requesting the transfer at least 48 hours in advance.

I registered for the summit but never received the invitation sent on Tuesday. How can I get into the virtual event?

If you did not receive the invitation email, sent on Tuesday of each week, please reach out to us at si@culinary.edu as soon as possible. A friendly staff member will be able to assist you. Please note, that this is a unique link, made just for you and you will not be able to enter the event without it.

Which sessions are being featured in the virtual summit? Where can I access a program schedule of the 6-week series?

Click here to view the 6-week program schedule. Please note that registration is limited for each week; when registering, please only select the weeks you are able to attend to allow opportunity for others.

I see that the Hopin platform has a variety of navigation tabs.What is the difference between each?

In addition to the compelling on-stage content presented in the series, we are also bringing you sought-after chances to engage and network. Through our virtual platform, Hopin, we have introduced the following:

  • Stage – Your first stop each day! Kicking-off at the main stage are presentations, panel discussions and culinary demonstrations by our guest speakers. Ask them anything, through the session Q&A.
  • Networking – Take advantage of breaks by meeting up with attendees in the networking lounge for one-on-one conversations. Think of it as professional speed dating, where you can easily strike up a conversation and exchange contact information. Breakout
  • Sessions – We will use breakout sessions to further engage with presenters & fellow attendees. After viewing the main stage session, select which breakout session topics you want to dive into deeper.
  • Sponsor Expo – This series would not be possible without our generous sponsors. Take a moment to stop into their booths and say hello. Be on the lookout for special guest appearances in their booths, as well as opportunities to meet our authors!

How do I add my headshot or update my profile once I have entered the Virtual Summit?

Your profile has been pre-loaded with your name, email and headline. However, we encourage you to add a headshot and connect your LinkedIn account to get the most out of your networking experience. To do so, once in Hopin, click the circle with your initials (or headshot) in the top right-hand corner. Click edit profile to make any changes or additions.

I joined the virtual summit after the posted start time, how do I know where to join the other attendees?

When you enter the virtual summit, you will start on the “Reception” tab. Here, you will see buttons alerting you to what activities are currently happening at that time. Click a button to join the group. You can also look for the red “NOW” button along the left-hand side of your window. This indicates activated spaces according to the schedule and is a sign of where you should head next.

How do I connect with an attendee privately?

In Hopin, you can send a private message to another attendee by clicking on the PEOPLE tab and finding the person’s name (alpha by first name). Click on their name to learn more about them, send a message directly or invite them to a private video chat. When you receive a new direct chat from another attendee, their name will rise to the top of your list and a number will appear next to the envelope at the top of the page.

How do I participate in the breakout sessions under the sessions tab?

Each week, you can select which of 4-6 breakout sessions. Breakout session will vary from panel discussions, to presentations and culinary demonstrations offering many options to choose from. You can engage in all sessions by typing questions or comments in the session chat, and in many sessions you can also engage in live Q&A by clicking on the blue “Share Audio and Video” button to ask your question live onscreen. We encourage you to engage in the breakout sessions to get the most out of your experience. In addition, the sessions will all be recorded, so while you can only choose one to join live, you’ll be able to watch all of the session on-demand each week.

I purchased a cookbook during a Meet the Author session. When will I receive it?

As soon as an order is placed, we will begin processing them as quickly as possible. Due to social distancing, shipping time will be delayed. A CIA staff member will email you within 24 hours to confirm your order. We are estimating 5-10 business days before your order is shipped.


What are the system requirements needed to support the conference on my device?

First, you must be connected to a reliable internet connection. For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser. We do not recommend using Safari or Internet Explorer as some functions are not supported by the Hopin platform and other attendees have experienced issues. A functioning camera and microphone are required to enjoy all virtual networking activities.

Can I participate from my mobile device (smartphone, iPad or tablet)?

Hopin is available on mobile devices for attendees with limited functionality. You do not need to download an app to access, simply visit Hopin.to in your browser and sign into your account. From here, you can view the Stage, view Sessions, view Expo, chat, and use the Networking features of your event. Please note, your mobile device must be updated to the current software to work properly. If using an Apple device please download Chrome as a browser as many functions do not work with Safari.

Why am I experiencing problems connecting my video and audio?

In Hopin, you'll be prompted to select your audio and video device so that people can hear and see you at the event. However, if you are unable to select your AV options, it is probably because you need to give the browser permission for Hopin to access your AV devices. Note, you will not be able to join the stage or session without your AV turned on.

To give browser permissions in Chrome, find the video camera icon in the URL bar and click it. A dropdown menu will appear like this:

I am experiencing an echo when I tune into the virtual conference. How do I fix this?

The most common cause of an echo is having the same screen open in two places. If an echo occurs, check to make sure you only have one tab open with the conference and close any duplicate tabs streaming the same content. This may also occur if you are streaming the sessions on a mobile device located nearby your computer that is also connected to the virtual conference.

What do I do if my computer is occasionally glitching and freezing?

In this case, our recommendation is to first refresh your browser window. If this still does not work,turn your camera off. Using your camera takes on a greater bandwidth and your internet may be experiencing a lapse or slow period. You can continue to listen and engage by using your microphone if needed until your connection strengthens again.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

For help prior to any of the virtual summits please refer to the below contact information. For assistance, visit the Help Desk under the SESSIONS tab where a friendly staff member can assist via video chat.

Registration and General Summit Information:

Primary Customer Service Email: si@culinary.edu

Katie Cincotta
Manager – Strategic Initiatives

For Sponsors:

Kelsey Walden
Associate Director – Sponsorship Planning and Outreach, Strategic Initiatives and Advancement

For Presenters:

Christina Adamson
Senior Director of Operations & Finance – Strategic Initiatives Group 707-888-8093


How can I receive continuing educations units for my attendance? When will I receive these my certificate?

Credits are provided only for sessions attended live. CE credit cannot be claimed for missed sessions, viewing recorded sessions, or networking time.

If you attend the full series, a total of 1.1 continuing education credits are available for 11 contact hours. If you are not able to attend the full series, units are broken down accordingly by week:

  • WEEK 1: .19 CEU
  • WEEK 2 - 5: .18 CEU per week
  • WEEK 6: .19 CEU

On the final week, August 26th, we will send all participants an email with a final survey and a link to an attestation form. Please complete the final survey and the attestation form in order to receive your certificate. All certificates will be emailed out within one week of submitting the requested items.

Will the virtual conference be recorded each week to reference later if I cannot attend the full series? Where can I access the recorded video?

Yes! We will be recording every main stage session and breakout session for anyone to view on-demand at their convenience. To access the On-Demand content please visit the webcast page on our website. We aim to post each recording weekly, within 48 hours of the conclusion of each week’s session.

How do I access the conference resources such as recipes, PowerPoints, recorded videos, and more?

For those that attended one or more weeks of the virtual summit, you will be given access to the resources webpage. Here you can find the recipes featured in culinary demonstrations, presentations from guest speakers and additional educational materials referenced during the series. This area is password protected. If in need of the password, please reach out to Katie Cincotta at Katherine.cincotta@culinary.edu to confirm your attendance.