Tue, June 16, 2015
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What would Menus of Change be without measuring the change that the initiative catalyzes? In January, the CIA surveyed past attendees of the Menus of Change Annual Leadership Summit to ask what use they make of the information they are throughout the year.

A nearly total majority (96 percent) of attendees have shared information from Menus of Change with others, with 41 percent doing so digitally, 36 percent sharing presentations with senior leaders or owners, 32 percent with customers or clients, and 32 percent with coworkers.

Three-fourths of the attendees have acted on some of the guidance provided by Menus of Change. Of those, 82 percent have revised an existing menu or dining format or concept, 76 percent have introduced new recipes; 76 percent have revised existing recipes; 59 percent have changed operational practices; and 53 percent have changed sourcing practices. New or revised approaches were most commonly implemented across multiple locations.