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2014 Archive Summit

2014 Menus of Change Tackled Roadblocks to Healthier, More Sustainable Food Choices

CIA Harvard Menus of Change Annual Report on Foodservice Sustainability

At the 2014 Menus of Change Annual Leadership Summit, representatives from The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard School of Public Health joined more than 60 expert presenters who shared information about the business of healthy, sustainable, delicious food choices.  The annual report is available here a flip book here or as a PDF.

The Course Guide, at right, includes presenter biographies, the program schedule, and featured recipes. Below are PowerPoint programs and media reports on the summit.

During the 2014 Menus of Change Annual Leadership Summit, experts in foodservice, health sciences, and social change presented information on topics relevant to what today’s health- and environmentally-conscious consumers expect from corporations, foodservice operators, and business leaders.

Below are titles of the PowerPoint presentations from the 2014 summit. Please contact the author if you wish to reuse any of the information included in these presentations.

2014 CIA-Harvard Menus of Change National Leadership Summit Presentations

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