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What will the food landscape look like in three to five years? In 10 or 20 years? And how might the business of food need to change to stay competitive? Find out more about the Menus of Change summit, and join us at the leadership summit next June to contribute to the conversation. Subscribe to receive regular updates by clicking on the green "send me updates" button below.

News & Insights for healthy, sustainable food and foodservice

Climate Change and Food Prices

The effect of climate change can seem amorphous—until it hits you where it hurts: your wallet. That certainly has been the case in 2014: According to an Arizona State University study, the drought in California is pushing prices higher on a range of fruits and vegetables . . .  Read more . . .

CIA Harvard 2014 Menus of Change Annual Report: Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Food

Menus of Change Annual Report

Read the 2014 Menus of Change Annual Report for insights into and analysis of issues that relate to the future success and sustainability of the food and foodservice industries at the convergence of public health, the environment, and the business of food.

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